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[myl] 94.9 - ways to spend a day off

- hang with my girl
- tie myself up
- cuff myself and dive into a pool
- clip my cats' claws
- walk on broken glass
- escape from a milk can
- go grocery shopping
- take a nap in a coffin
- drop shit off the roof of a building
- run myself over with a bulldozer
- look for a realtor
- get run through a woodchipper
- let a car run me over
- pick up paper towels

Tommy Karras
Original Character

{tell me your hopes and dreams...}

94.5 Lifestyle changes

Make a list of lifestyle changes that you've made in the past few months.

- Learned to use a breast pump.
- No alcohol.
- Cut down on caffeine.
- Change diapers.
- Sing lullabyes.
- Warm up baby bottles.
- Got engaged.
- Went back to work.

Muse: Aryn Wakefield
Fandom: Original Character
Comments, here
--The Gilmores named Lorelai (They eat a lot. They talk fast. They drink insane amounts of caffeine. They make random and sometimes vague pop culture references)
--Piper Halliwell (at least while she was pregnant, and also that out of all the Charmed Ones she pines the most to have something normal)
--Natalie from Love, Actually (IDK, I just see me doing some of the stuff she did)
--Allie from The Notebook (I get like that when I'm angry)

[94.5] Lifestyle Changes

Make a list of lifestyle changes that you've made in the past few months.

- Moved to a new apartment
- Gotten a fancy security system
- Gotten a dog
- Stopped going to clubs/bars/unruly social events
- Become a born-again virgin
- Stopped drinking alcohol
- No drugs anymore
- Learned to function on little-to-no sleep
- Hired a nutritionist
- New boyfriend
- Intentionally ignored social relationships
- Become a mom
- Donated 90% of my old clothes
- Started having groceries delivered
- Stopped riding the subway/bus/taxis at night

Muse: Kaydee
Fandom: OC
1. Twilight (I know! Dinah wanted to see it and since I'm her best friend I went with her)
2. Friday the 13th (2009)
3. House of Wax
4. The Brothers Grimm
5. X-Men 3: The Last Stand (that wasn't the way it happened in RL)
6. Elektra
7. New Moon (again Dinah!)
8. every romantic comede Dick/Dinah/Charlie made me watch it with them

94.6 - Foods that remind you of Fall

1) French apple cobbler
2) Warm apple cider
3) Pumpkin pie
4) Turkey
5) Ham
6) Apple pie
7) Warm applesauce
8) Mashed potatoes
9) Candied yams
10) Beef stew

Alexis Russo
Original Character
Comment here.

Things that make the Doctor happy

I have been told that lately things have been a bit depressing.

Actually, I think what I was told was:

[12:35] dickensfan63: I've just been feeling a bit down lately.
[12:41] thedothatgirl: You got a serious case of emo that you got to snap out of. Write about the things you like before you end up with a shitty haircut and I have to kick your ass for trying to steal my eyeliner.

So here are the things that I like.

• I like bananas and banana-flavored candies, especially if they're also banana-shaped.

• I like running down corridors, especially ones that are particularly twisty.

• I like the burbling noise of the TARDIS in mid flight.

• I like it when "funny" robots actually do something funny, like fall down a crater or say something terribly inappropriate that embarrasses their creator.

• I like talking very fast to people who can't catch up.

• I like debunking the references on incorrect Wikipedia pages (This, especially, after losing one week, four days, and thirteen hours to that ridiculous website during my sixth incarnation).

• I like the "sarcasm circuit" I've added to the TARDIS translation systems, because while it may create a very natural vernacular for most species, it makes talking to the most literal ones downright comical.

• I like it when people walk around the TARDIS in a great big circle (dubbed "pulling a Chesterton") to see if they can figure out why it's bigger on the inside.

• I like it when politicians are confused by the things that I say, completely lose their train of thought, and look incompetent (especially because they probably are).

• I like it when guns don't work. Just in general.

• I like it when companions ask me why we don't have things in the fridge, and then we go to an exotic place to eat.

• I like the term "Allons-y", especially when used after 2422, when French is abolished in the universe.

• I like trying to go somewhere and missing the mark completely, because wherever I've landed is no doubt more interesting.

• I like materializing in front of really bad traffic jams and how astonished everyone is when I get there first.

• I like going to particularly posh clubs and getting in with the psychic paper and all of the very fussy people there who can't understand how I got in.

• I like how there's always one bartender at the particularly posh clubs who thinks everyone else is absolutely ridiculous and will give me free drinks.

• I like doors that say DO NOT ENTER and buttons that say DO NOT PRESS because really interesting things happen when you enter and press them.

And those are just a small number of the things that make me happy.

Muse: The Doctor (Ten)
Fandom: Doctor Who
Word Count: 459
Special thanks to faiththatfuelsu for use of her Faith and help with Faith's IM dialogue.
- I upgraded from Scotland to the U.S. not that there was anything wrong with Scotland - it was just Scottish and rainy and I saw a few two many kilts blow up into the wind.
- I downgraded a very nice car to a cheap, hunk of junk I'm gonna' end up leaving behind.
- More fast food from the road but, you know, I eat the occasional salad...occasionally.
- I'm gay! Hah. I know, I even crack myself up. But the list topic practically begged me to fake come out.
- What else. Oh, right, I have new employment, maybe? Helping out Angel right now on a case. Yes, that Angel, and yes, I'm actually helping. No, I am not saying where we are for -- several reasons.
- I've stopped wearing all black despite how badass I looked. You know you were jealous.

Muse l Xander Harris
Fandom l Buffy the Vampire Slayer


3. Make a list of recurring dreams.
--snow, too much snow
--sand and nothing else

94.10. Make a list of anything you want

94.10. Observations within a girls dorm

- Too many tampons. Don't girls own drawers?
- Painted toenails. Way to go getting a guy to think about you all with your knees up around your ears.
- Not as many lesbians as anticipated.
- Showers smell like... something flowery. But not Nana flowery.
- Where do you hang your knickers when you wash them? Couldn't find clothes lines anywhere.
- According to the Cosmo quiz of October 2008, I am a Sensitive Lover.
- Every cubicle had toilet paper with the flap hanging over.
- A Jimmy Choo is not a chocolate bar.
- A Fendi isn't a new a brand of condom.
- Never call a Fendi a condom or you'll get smacked in the head.
- Don't offer to eat a Jimmy Choo. Just because.
- Seriously, how the hell do you lot get your bra off without removing your shirt? I tried to imitate it and I think I gave myself a hernia.
- Yes, that is a gun in my pocket. No really. That's safer than telling you I'm getting a boner watching you take your bras off without removing your shirts.
- A vibrator looks like it would make a really good cappucino frother.
- According to Cosmo quiz March 2007, I currently have my period and should pamper myself.
- Please, don't ever try to explain to me what a dry-weave top sheet is if it doesn't involved sperm or sex.
- Sex and the City is so not a porno.

Muse | Silas Botwin
Fandom | Weeds


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